David A. Perdue Primary Media Center

Media Center

Media Specialist: Mrs. Angela Thrasher

Mission: To provide a foundation for a life-long love of reading.

Check-Out Policy: Kindergarten students check out one book each week.  Students in Grades 1 and 2 may check out two books. 

Books are due one week from check out date.  Students are not charged fines for overdue books.

Book Care Tips:
    Have a special place for keeping your book. Your book bag is a great place.
    Never write or draw in a book.
    Turn pages at the corner.
    Keep out of reach of animals and babies.
    Use a bookmark--do not fold down the corners, put the book face down, or use            anything thicker than a bookmark to mark your place.
    Keep your library books indoors. 
    Keep books away from food and drinks. Especially when in your book bag.